The city of Elche continues developing its tourist attractions and promoting in this case the multi-adventures tourism.

In this context, a project arises, “Elche Palmeral Aventuras Park”, in which besides guaranteeing the protection of the environment, it allows the people of Elche to have fun at the same time they are in direct contact with nature, to release adrenalin and to enhance the cultural heritage of the city.

This is an outdoor park, focused on leisure and active tourism, integrated in one of the green spaces of the city. A site formed by numerous playful, sport and food facilities, with which the intention is to increase the tourist offer of the city and to encourage eco-friendly activities.

Zip-lines, climbing walls as well as an artificial lake are some of the attractions Elche Palmeral Aventuras Park can offer to families, schools, camps, companies or groups that look for sport-related activities, full of excitement, and always respectful towards the environment.

Located a few minutes from the city-centre, in the orchard Huerto de Travalón Bajo, this park was developed focusing on the preservation of the environment and protection of the Palm Grove. For this reason, a totally integrated and complex network of artificial and removable structures was set. This structure can be assembled and disassembled without any alteration or damage for the environment.

Elche Palmeral Aventuras Park offers activities full of excitement, fun and safety for all ages, making the difference from the rest of theme or multi-adventure parks of the province.
Among the many activities you can find at the park, its main attraction is a unique structure in Spain called “Triaction Tower”, with more than 20 metres high and two giant zip-lines, that thanks to a system of special harnesses are suitable for disabled people. This activity offers an unforgettable experience and the possibility of enjoying exceptional panoramic views over the palm-tree park and the artificial lake.